Product Review: Pee Safe – Toilet Seat Sanitizer


It so happened that over the last few week, I’ve had prolonged discussions with different sets of friends, in person and in whataspp groups about the problems we women face with public toilets in India (even abroad, though not as much). This is not a topic much addressed however, of late the Indian government as well as UNICEF are creating a lot of awareness about the need of proper toilets and how important hygiene is.

However, a public place is a public place. Germs are bound to be present, even if the toilet seat is visibly clean. Door knobs, taps, handles – anything which has public access, will have germs. For me, this is a concern even when I am visiting someone else’s home because everyone’s cleanliness routine differs. 

A doctor friend suggested buying small, empty sprat cans and filling them with dettol idea. Not a bad idea, except that dettol smells. Which means we will smell too. Right when I was quite into all this discussion, and we were looking for manageable solutions – this arrive from Pee Safe – Toilet Seat Sanitizer. 

Pee Safe – Toilet Seat Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

In the package were spray cans of Pee Safe – Toilet Seat Sanitizer of three different sizes, to be used as per requirement. Also in it was a small pocket size spray, along with two packets of wet-wipes. Wo! My first reaction was – What a timing! 

Indeed! The first thing I checked, to be honest, was it’s price. Because if this product works, I’d want as many women as possible to use it. The 10 ml pocket spray is for Rs 36, 40 ml bottle is priced at Rs 99, 75 ml at Rs 150, and the wet wipes are fr Rs 60 per packet. Not bad, not bad at all. At least in urban India, women would be benefited, I believe.

This is what Pee Safe claims to do! (c) PeeSafe

So, how is this used and where all can it be used. To begin with, on toilet seats. The brand has the following claims about the product:

– It kills bacteria.

– No harsh chemicals used; it also smells good.

– It can be used on toilet seats, door knobs, handles, etc.

– It is travel friendly.

– It is quick to dry.

– It helps prevent UTI, diarrhoea, and gastroenteritis.

After using the products for two weeks, I must say, I am impressed. Public toilets which do smell foul many times, now smell wonderful the moment this is sprayed – on toilet seat, door knobs or taps/handles. To use it, shake the can – spray on the area – wait for 5 seconds – use! As simple as that!


PeeSafe would be particuarly useful when travelling, at work or practically everytime when not at home. Buy the products from SafetyKart.

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Product Review: ITC Minto-O Ultramintz


BlogAdda, under it’s product review program was offering a mint to be review. Intriguing. The first things that came to my mind are the rolls of mint sold for Rs 10/- in the market. A brand wants that reviewed? Curious, I applied. I was a little late in receiving this package, so the review is a bit late as well.

 The product was Ultramintz, by none other than ITC. Remember growing up on Mint-O, the mint with a whole!? Ultramintz is the new ITS Mint-O. The packaging was highly impressive; one can be fooled to think something else was inside the boxes. Two boxes, neatly packed with a ribbon tied. And this is not all, the packages were personalized for all 50 bloggers who are to review the mint. Here, take a look at mine!

Inside, where two boxes. My husband was driving while I was opening the boxes and from whatever glances he could steal while concentrating on the road, he kept saying, “This can’t be peppermint!”

But it was! Such royal packaging, enough to make a reviewer feel pampered and posh. The inside of the box looked like this, the box of mint nestled in the middle, just like an engagement ring, with a note from the manufacturers, along with it.

There used to be a time I used to be addicted to mints. When you are sitting on a chair, editing for hours, while the news room around you is abuzz, popping a small piece of mint helped me divert my mind from my surroundings and focus. But, I had to stop soon as my sugar intake kept increasing. Ultramintz claims to have no sugar added. I have tasted it, and it tastes just fine. So, a sugarless piece of mint is highly recommended if you, like me, love to suck on a piece of mint all the time! I mean, how cool is this!

The mints are small in size, like pellets. This, was a hit with me. I have always felt the regular Polo, Mint-o pieces were too big and wished they were smaller. Ultramintz is just right. One is enough for normal situations, my husband said, a smoker might need two. No harm, they are sugar less, so pop in two, if you please!

A big thumbsup to Ultramintz. From packaging to the size of the pellets, to the freshness in tastes, to it’s price – everything is a winner!

The contents as mentioned at the back of the pack are: Sorbitol (INS 420), Lubricating agent – Magnesium Stearate (INS 470) and Sucralose (INS 955).

Contains added natural flavouring substances – Peppermint and Menthol.

Also mentioned explicitly is – Polyols may have laxative effects. This contains sucralose. Not recommended for children. No sugar added in this product.

The box is prices Rs.50/- for 12g and contains 60 pellets. 

Rating: ****.5/5

I am reviewing Mint-O Ultramintz as a part of the Product Reviews Program at BlogAdda.

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Product Review: Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream


I have a very, very sensitive skin on my face and rarely comes a product which I can use on my face and continuing doing so for a long while, without any skin problem. I do no experiment randomly and whenever I start using a new product or brand, I am very very sceptical. Rightly so, I believe.

A month ago, Blogadda came up with a product review offer. I am a regular part of their book review programme but had never reviewed any products. Blogadda and Olay, both being trusted brands, I hit on apply. A couple of weeks later, I had a trial kit at home. 

Nice packaging and a easy to use nozzle – the only thing that got me thinking on this aspect was, what is there so much of air space at the bottom of the bottle. It’s like a small bottle with the cream, inside a bigger bottle – with some space left. 

I started using Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream from May 31, 2013 and was very very sceptical about how it will affect my skin. My already sensitive skin is fighting acne due to certain medications I am taking and I didn’t want any more spots on my face. I am strict about the night cream that I use, so Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream was applied, after bath.

This is what Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream promises to take care of:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Balance and even out the skin tone.
  • Reduce appearance of age spots.
  • Smooth and even out skin textures.
  • Provide nourishing moisturisation
  • Give skin radiance
  • Minimize the appearance of pores.

I took little bit on my palm (see pic above), it felt oily and that is why I tried with very little of it. But, surprise!! The cream was not oily at all. In fact, it didn’t leave any residue on my skin. My skin felt soft, immediately. Still, let’s see how it fares after repeated use, I told myself.

I have used Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream for almost two weeks now and while I don’t know how effective it would be with continued usage, I am happy with what it is doing to my skin now. As I mentioned I am fighting some unfair acne, I paid special attention to the clarity of my skin. The acne stayed. There have been no new spurts due to the cream, and the best part is that other areas of my skin look clearer. It moisturises the skin well and absorbs quickly. 

No new havoc caused on my skin because of trying a new cream, is a blessing. And it being summers, while I am in air-conditioned rooms almost every minute I am indoors, I feel Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream is holding it together quite well. The trial pack was a 20g pack with SPF 15 and is priced at Rs 369 incl of all taxes. 

I don’t know if I am looking visibly younger just yet, but Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 Anti Aging Cream has certainly added to making my skin feel softer and more supple and look clearer that before. I think I will continue using this product.

I am trying out Olay Total Effects as a part of the product review program at

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