#Review: Brunch at La Kutchina, Jehan Numa Palace Hotel

July 22, 2017 admin 0

Jehan Numa Palace in Bhopal not only has a lot of history to its credit, but also happens to house the best restaurants of the city. One of the restaurants is La Kutchina, which hosts Sunday brunch of Italian speciality. The menu is elaborate, the decor cozy and the music […]

#RestaurantReview: Bombay Street Cafe

July 5, 2017 admin 0

A few days ago, a friend referred Bombay Street Cafe saying the food is good. Now if you are familiar with Bhopal, you’ll agree that there aren’t many options for younger people to hang out in. Be it fine dining or just a place to hang out in, the options […]

Travel Around Bhopal: Road Trip To Madhai

July 2, 2017 admin 0

  2017 began with an impromptu road trip. Our best friends where in town, spending the weekend at our place, and we were aimlessly getting drunk on the night of December 31, when this led to that and we were calling up resorts, checking the road map and deciding on […]

#TravelTips: 24-hours in Brussels

June 2, 2017 admin 0

  WHERE TO PARTY This place called Le Mirano used to be a cinema before it was became a club. Fuse is known to be the biggest nightclub in Brussesls with DJs from all over the world spinning there. Divided into three floors, while the top two floors play hip-hop, house […]

Rajasthan Through My Lens – I

May 24, 2017 admin 0

This is a guest post by my very good friend Bhakti Motta. She is an amazing photographer and had recently captured a lot of places in Rajasthan. In this post, we bring to you some of her lovely captures! When one visits Rajasthan, its not just the colour-coded cities that […]

#TravelTips: 24-hours in Amsterdam

April 1, 2017 admin 1

With this post, I enter the #AtoZChallenge of blogging in which I will be writing about things to do in cities listed in alphabetical order. For today, we have Amsterdam. Cycling is the most preferred mode of commuiting amongst the people of Amsterdam. So, when there, hire one. The city […]

Sports 4 Development | ANSH Happiness Society

March 15, 2017 admin 0

In December last year, I got to know about a NGO called ANSH Happiness Society. They call themselves a youth organization founded in Bhopal to come up as a platform for young people to connect, explore and act. How I learnt about ANSH was pretty interesting. I was attending a […]

Songwriters’ Sunday Social | Ep. 1 | Dylogg Co-working Café

March 14, 2017 admin 0

Last Sunday, on the 12th of March, I attended a very interesting gathering of young people at Dylogg Co-working Café, Kasturba Nagar in Bhopal. We knew that it would be a programme where 10 songwriters would present their creativitiy but what we witnessed was much better. Kokila Bhattacharya and Animesh […]

Filing For Indian Passport Just Got Easier!

February 15, 2017 admin 0

  There used to be a time when attaining a new passport or even renewing an existing one was quite a cumbersome process. Over time, the rules started becoming quite transparent. And recently, rules at Passport Seva Kendra have been amended to make attaining a passport extremely easy. I collated […]

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